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Why Valere Labs

Valere Labs has delivered 100+ successful projects since inception. This success is attributed to Valere’s evolved processes and in-house talent. 

Any Valere team member (or “Valerians” as we call ourselves) assigned to your project quickly embeds themselves with your project and goals. Clients are updated daily throughout the project and given demos weekly. Each Project Manager at Valere Labs follows our proven processes, but also has the autonomy to improvise when needed as every client and project has different requirements.  

By the end to the project it’s not uncommon for a client to remark about the trust and productivity that grew during the relationship with their Valere Labs assigned team. This is why in most cases clients leverage Valere Labs for long-tenures as their trusted software development partner.

What do our Clients say about us?

What makes our apps stand out


We know how to meticulously model data and architect an application to optimize for speed & high performance.


Our creativity knows no limits and responsive code ensures that superlative designs can be executed and adapted on different screen sizes.


Conversion optimisation

We will design and build a super streamlined experience, getting users to your call to action buttons without friction.


Code refactoring and optimization are important to us. No feature is built without a quality assurance professional testing it out. Any complex functionality can be implemented by our tech experts.

How much would it cost to
build your app?

We’ve been in this space over 10 years. Monetary factors can be a determining factor in the advancement of a business venture. Our team took the initiative to build a Mobile Application Cost Calculator to give you a ballpark figure for the cost to build your dream app.

The calculator takes into consideration many factors such as your preferred platform(s), your choice of UI, the number of screens your app needs, your preferred security provisions, login and sign-up provisions, third party integrations, data management, web administration tools, and other variables. Answer a few simple questions about your app and in a few minutes you'll have a good understanding of what is needed to build your mobile application.

valere labs
valere labs
$25,000 - $30,000
Mobile App Cost Calculator

We Are Proud of our Process and Culture at Valere Labs

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We’ve been in your shoes having built and scaled our own B2B and consumer app companies! We totally get the obstacles businesses owners face when launching software products. Our Discovery and Development processes reflect our years of experience being on the client side of the equation.

We tend to boast about the culture we’ve built and the people we’ve hired and trained. Each member of our team truly cares about client success, a prerequisite when we hire any new member of our team. Our transparency and genuine work-ethic has built trust with our clients, which drives long-lasting client relationships and referrals.