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React Development Services

For developers across the globe, React has been the favorite framework for building apps for years. React Native is the platform that allows you to build native, cross-platform apps, whereas ReactJS is basically a JavaScript library that can be used to build a high performing UI layer. ReactJS is what developers like to call the “heart of React Native.” This is because ReactJS embodies all the principles and syntax of React. ReactJS can be used to create dynamic user interfaces for both apps and websites. React Native is ideal for making apps that have a more native feel on platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows in JavaScript. React Native is ideal for making apps that have a more native feel on platforms like Android & iOS.

Valere’s engineering team is well-versed with the dynamics of React and delivers dynamic, high-performing, responsive apps that are sure to win the hearts of your end-users.



Cross-Platform Development

React Native allows you to build the same JavaScript components that can be used for iOS and Android, therefore, time and maintenance costs are cut down in react native app development.



Since React Native runs on JavaScript, it allows code reusability. You can use the code of a react native mobile app in web development as well.


Blazing speed

ReactJS USP brings in blazing fast speed for the applications and websites developed, using the DOM (Document Object Model). React Native applications are high in speed and agility.



ReactJS gives an overall boost to a website's SEO strategy since it is capable of server-side rendering and attracts organic traffic. React websites are generally indexed quicker than other sites.


Community-Powered Innovation

React is backed by a huge community of leading developers who collectively contribute to a rich and resourceful ecosystem of tools, component libraries, IDEs, extensions for editors, etc.


Component-Based Architecture

React converts individual pieces of a larger user-interface into independent, self-sustaining micro-systems. If any component within your app needs some major changes, then only that component will be reused and re-defined, instead of the entire UI of the app.

Valere is the leading React Native mobile app development company and offers to you a unique bouquet of React services:

App Consultation

Whether you need advice for designing multi-use, multi-platform apps, or you need tips for increasing efficiency in development practices – our skilled React Native hybrid app developers are happy to share their expert opinion with you.

UI/UX Design

Our highly experienced ReactJS web development and React Native app development engineers provide holistic solutions to the companies who aim to go above and beyond to provide their end-users with the most interactive mobile experience ever.

App Development

Valere’s best in class React Native app development services go deep in the philosophy of your business and analyses your consumer demographic to create the most audience-appropriate, long-lasting, and convenient mobile solutions.

Web Development

As a leading ReactJS web development company, Valere invests its resources into understanding the needs of the client and the desires of the end-user – through these insights and our creativity, we create the websites and web apps that transcend the possibilities of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. React technology, although it has an established niche, still has a long way to go. React website development is being empowered every day by contributors across the globe. It’s a futuristic option that can not only be optimized easily but also has a lot of untapped potentials that the world will be discovering in the coming years.

React Native mobile app development companies across the world have created benchmark apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. In fact, Facebook was the company that introduced React JS.
React Native any day provides better performance than Ionic. The additional layer in Ionic, involves Cordova plugins which lowers the performance since it builds a WebView and not a native app. React Native, on the other hand, wraps around native components, hence provides better performance.

Why Valere for React development?

React Native app development

Our years of collective experience in React Native app development have enhanced our expertise and control over the ever-evolving software.

highly personalized

We build scalable, engaging, and highly personalized apps and websites that add value to your business and bridge the gap between you and your users.

React development company

As a holistic React development company, we are very resourceful and have access to rare React tools and libraries that help us add valuable features to our solutions.

ReactJS development company

The SEO experts in our ReactJS development company ensure that all our solutions are SEO-rich and generate organic leads and revenue.

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