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A website is inherently more discoverable, more sharable, and faster than an app. It has ubiquity over different devices and implements user-centric security. On the other hand, an app is richer, more reliable, works offline, ever-visible on devices that it’s downloaded on, and interact with other data stored on a device. Both forms of platforms have their own eccentricities.

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Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are modern age web apps that bring together the best of native apps and mobile web experience. Originally proposed by Google in 2015, progressive application development runs on advanced APIs. Valere’s PWAs enable the capabilities of both the app and the website in a holistic way. Our PWAs are discoverable through search engines, installable, and linkable. They burst the charts of engagement through an entire system of synchronization and responsiveness. Let’s have a deeper look at some of the keystone advantages of PWAs.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps


Low Cost

One PWA works across all devices, which is why, unlike native apps, there is no need of developing different versions for different devices. This substantially reduces the cost and time of development and gives you more time to focus on marketing and distribution.


Feels like a native app

Splash screen, notifications, ability to work offline, home screen launch icons – all these features in a PWA make it feel almost like a native app. All progressive web app development services say that their speed and responsiveness is also comparable to that of a native app.


Lesser friction

PWAs reduce the number of steps that the user has to take to engage with your app and eventually your business. No routing to the Play Store, no long downloading time, and no manual updates. This way the user not just saves time and headspace, but also a lot of data. .



Google bot crawls a PWA just like it crawls any other webpage. PWAs speeds up the indexability of your app, which is why they are great for SEO. In fact, a lot of progressive web app companies recommend integrating them into your marketing strategy.


Enhanced Security

Progressive web app development is done on HTTPS which ensures data safety and minimizes security-related issues by preventing snooping and content tampering. PWAs make use of Web Bluetooth technology that creates room for additional security.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frameworks used for progressive web application development. The best and most efficient one is Ionic.

No, PWAs can be installed only through their designated link, they cannot be put up on storefronts.

A web app is basically a website that is able to fit into the screens of different mobiles. A PWA goes a much longer way than that – it gives the user the exact experience as a native app, while it is still a webpage that will just take a few seconds to load.

First of all, you will cut back a lot of costs if you give the development in the hands of an experienced team. Excellent work quality will also ensure accelerated reach and quick turnaround. Also, the risk reduces tenfold with so many tech experts working together for you.
PWAs are a cross-browser technology that can run on all major browsing platforms including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

Why Valere for Progressive Web Development?

Unique, it has to be

Our ultimate aim is to bridge the gap between what a business can deliver and what a consumer expects. We do it by sticking to our core value – to provide a business-oriented solution that focuses on convenience and re-engagement of the end-user.

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We are a leading progressive web app development company that works on the App Shell model which isn't a framework, rather, it's a design approach that separates the app UI and content. This way, the app is cached such that it's loading time on the second visit of the user is reduced substantially. The performance and accessibility of the app hikes and the customer find it easier to interact with.

PWA app development,

Our developers deploy the most advanced technological tools in PWA app development, including AngularJS, Google developers, and Webpack. This is why we are able to create world-class experiences.

PWA development company,

The team in our PWA development company, strategizes based on the unique requirements of your business and provides end-to-end support. We also offer complete post-developmental and maintenance support.

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