The Mandarin Show

A unique art, comedy and music based Mandarin learning platform on the Apple App Store


This is primarily because English speakers are accustomed to the Latin alphabet, but to be able to learn fluent Mandarin, they would have to learn thousands of special, never-seen-before characters. Also, because of so many co-existing Chinese dialects, it’s difficult to get hold of different pronunciations, especially when they mean different things. For instance, the word ‘ma’ in Mandarin can mean “mother,” “horse,” “rough” or even “scold” — depending on how you say it.

So, how do we make it easier? Hint: visit The Mandarin Show. It’s an unprecedented video-based, interactive attempt at teaching Mandarin, which makes use of an experience-based process with comedic and referential elements. It makes things more convenient for the user as all he/she needs to do is log in and play fun, interactive videos, and well, once hooked, there’s no going back before becoming a pro at Mandarin. In all, the integration makes learning more efficient, fun, and memorable than any other teaching method. This is why American locals and linguistic critics are loving the platform. Engaging with thousands of people on a daily basis, it is set to be one of the top language-learning apps in the USA. What they say about us Most IT companies either want to be associated with already established brands or work where the rolls in. But with Valere, we loved that they were neither of those things – we realized in the very beginning that they are here to make a difference for the smaller, local businesses. And ever since, the journey with their exceptionally talented and devoted team has been one hell of a ride.

Technologies Used – Swift, Node.JS



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