Sports and fitness apps that deliver rich audio and video content to help users achieve their athletic goals.

A collection of over 100 iPhone and Android apps for sports and fitness featured by Apple, Google Play, New York Times, HealthLine and TechRadar. Over 12 Million Downloads till date.


The first-ever Fitivity workout training app was furnished with a complex integrated software structure that supported high intelligence training tools, audio guides, and custom-made workout plans for each user. This made the ideas of social workout and remote training truly possible.

“Fitivity initially built a custom content management system to upload video and audio content, and organize the content into workouts and workout programs that an admin would plug into any of Fitivity’s apps. This strategy to date has allowed them to launch over a hundred iPhone and Android apps for sports and fitness, including training apps for football, basketball, ballet, swimming, pilates, kickboxing, gymnastics, karate, etc. These apps have not just been massively acclaimed by critics on global platforms like The New York Times, HealthLine, and TechRadar, but have also been featured hundreds of times on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Collectively, these apps have been downloaded over 12 million times by users across the world. The founder of Fitivity, Guy Pistone, along with the expert and dedicated team at Valere Labs produced several iterations of the platform before yielding high conversion rates for their subscription business. Fitivity was able to raise over $1.5M in Venture Capital."

Technologies Used – Swift, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin, Java


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