Elete Training

Develop basketball dribbling skills by playing addictive “dribbling games” on your iPhone or iPad


Elete facilitates social and fun skill development experiences. Elete leverages highly advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality using iPhone’s camera – which evaluates user’s skills during the app experience. Since launching, the app has created a major splash in the sports training space and has helped tens of thousands of athletes develop their ball handling skills.

Youth and adult athletes spend the majority of their “sports time” playing organized sports, instead of developing their skills. Only the most dedicated athletes (20%) are willing to gruel through the lonely, isolation it takes to develop skills. The problem is the current model to acquire sports skills is boring and requires too much discipline. Elete provides an experience for sports cohort communities (high school, college, professional) to compete in skill based games on their device at home. Using Elete, you will not participate in "drills", but fun and creative dribbling games that improve your ball handling skills. Taking full advantage of the most advanced apple technologies including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Elete quickly became one of the most unique sports training apps in the iOS market. The app has garnered tens of thousands of downloads and is rated 4.8 out of 5 on the App Store. Elete has also been featured as a ‘Top Sports App’ and has been recommended by sites like AppGrooves.

Technologies Used – Swift, Node.JS, Apple CoreML

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