App which allows users to interact with Bluetooth integrated doors.

A stellar IoT innovation devised for better security which enables managing multiple devices from one account interface.


Anroku is an advanced IoT-based platform which allows you to connect to and manage WiFi, as well as Bluetooth devices from your mobile phone. It accomplishes this through a very complex technical mechanism that is presented to the user in a very simplified gateway.

All you need to do is scan your Bluetooth or WiFi device with Anroku which will then ask you for some credentials that you can easily trace from the backend of the device. It enables you to interact with your device by a feature called ‘the Door.’ The Door can be used to manage several IoT devices with just one user account – making things even easier by allowing you to connect to a device when you don't even have the device credentials. For example, easily make a video call with a registered resident of the building. The admin has the authority to allow or deny any request to open the door.. In most IoT based platforms, the main concern is security, but Valere Labs and Anroku made it a point to invest heavily in sucrity mechanisms.

Technologies Used – React Native, Python, Django

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