Why every successful app needs good UI/UX for the best customer experience

22nd October 2021


Mobile apps and websites are increasingly becoming the way people discover new businesses. Whether you sell a product or service, your customer is bound to engage with you via their mobile phones so it only makes sense to have an app that gives them curated and better access.

Mobile app can lead to lasting impressions

A well designed mobile app can make a great first impression. Mobile apps are not only a way to introduce your product or service to the user but also to your brand. This means that an app that is thoughtfully designed can be well utilized as a brand marketing channel as well. This will lead to good impressions and great brand recall for your business.

Mobile app gives the opportunity for you to get instant feedback

A company that has bad UI/UX may come across as one that doesn’t take itself seriously or may not even be a legitimate business. Both of these are not in any way ideal to be perceived by consumers. Ensuring that your app’s UI/UX matches that of your business’ ethos is pertinent. A good UI/UX conveys the amount of thought & effort that a company puts into their customer experience journey. Thus, it’s important to ensure that it’s not only easy on the eye but also seamless to use.

Things like text hierarchy, using icons, clear call-to-action buttons, legible text, placement of buttons, etc make up for good UI/UX practices. The biggest UI/UX mistake is when we don’t keep these in mind when we do the mobile app development. It’s important that when a user interacts with the mobile app, all information is not only clearly mentioned but also is visible in order of importance and/or relevance. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the design fresh and updated with the times. For example, the standard burger menu has now started to phase out and any new apps being designed are not incorporating it into their UI/UX.

It takes longer for the user to purchase or engage with the app as intended

Bad UI/UX can make the customer’s journey tedious and long. This means it takes a lot more effort on the customer’s part to reach a purchase decision. The more effort they have to put in, the less likely they are to make a purchase. This also means a lot of abandoned carts or the user moving on to another app. The idea is to make their journey the shortest and most functional for a truly seamless experience. This can only be done by optimizing your mobile app’s UI/UX for the same.

Developing a mobile app for your business involves a lot of heavy decisions and budgets. But one should never cut corners when it comes to important things like the UI/UX or technology being used. For end-to-end expert mobile app development solutions, you can reach out to us at Valere. You can even get an estimate of the kind of budget you might need with our App Development Cost Calculator to get started on your app now.


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