Which Is Better Stack for Your Web Development Project: MEAN VS MERN

18th September 2021


Are you preparing to get a personalized application developed for your business? If yes, then it's guaranteed that you are putting your time in all the research work to get the best approaches to make your application robust, well-built, sustainable, and scalable.

While passing over hundreds and thousands of development frameworks articles, you encounter two terms that frequently occur everywhere - MEAN stack and MERN stack. Many of you are less or not close with the mobile app development technicalities. This is why we determined to cast light on this topic.

When tech practitioners, experts, and developers out there give their advice and opinions, all you require is a fair outline of both sides to reach an exemplary sum-up that works best for your business. Here, we will discuss two full tech stack meanings, understand their benefits and compare them to know which one is best. So, let's get started.

MEAN Stack App Development

MEAN stack is likely the highly acclaimed full stack web app development framework out there. This is an open-source framework based on JavaScript. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. For the swiftness offered by MEAN in the development process, it is ideally fancied by the Developers.


  • MEAN services embrace the complete web development spectrum from front-end to back-end utilizing only Java Script.
  • Developers of the MEAN find it effortless to work on this stack as it simplifies development by reducing monotonous and usual chores.
  • It has a sturdy collection of in-built testing tools.
  • For this open-source project, there is excellent community support.

MERN Stack App Development

MERN is also open-source. It stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. When developers need to develop hybrid applications, they use MERN as the main competency it serves on the table is sleekness. Due to the capacities and traits, the MERN stack is growing more famous among developers fastly worldwide.


  • The MERN stack embraces the complete development circle from Front-end to Back-end utilizing Java Script.
  • It upholds MVC architecture for the stable development procedure.
  • It empowers developers to learn only JS and JSON for development.
  • Holds a wide spectrum of testing tools.
  • Has excellent community support of open-source.

MEAN Stack VS. MERN Stack - Key Statistics

When you are picking the best development framework for your business, it is essential to acknowledge the demand of both. The framework influence can hand you an idea of several developers fancying it to build their applications, the availability of a healthy community for support and help, and the request for the framework.

For distinguishing them based on popularity, the principal criteria compress to the two defining factors in these stacks - Angular and React.
React is one that grew faster in the developer community. Based on the analyses in the year 2020, approx 32% of developers wanted to glean with React and study the language. If the demand and popularity of React wing, Angular's relatively reduced to about 27%.

Even in 2019, the same was noticed where a report showed that approx 75% of developers go with React. On the other hand, Angular was about 57.6%. While the fight is brutal, React is constantly leading the market.

Complete Full Stack App Development Comparison: MEAN Vs. MERN Stack

Learning Curve

MongoDB, Node.js, and Express.js are very familiar and have better documentation. There is no clear variation in the learning curve of MEAN and MERN. Even so, your learning curve will vary between React and Angular.

The angular framework uses templates also typescript. You may find a steep learning curve along with Angular, whereas React doesn't have much learning curve.

Third-Party Libraries

When you require third-party help to develop enterprise-level apps, MEAN Stack is the better option. It includes Angular, which has integral features to help HTTP calls to unify back-ends. It needs the care of third-party extensions simply, while MERN needs additional configuration to integrate support.

Mobile Application Development

For mobile app development, Angular gives the ionic framework which aids you in developing hybrid mobile applications. These keep the application development expenses low as you only have one codebase for iOS and Android portals.

In this respect, React Native is a little different. Almost, it gives a native user experience. Therefore, you may find that the MERN stack is the best choice for mobile app development.

Testing Capabilities

MEAN and MERN stack app development crew have two different testing skills. Applications build on MEAN can be easily tested because Angular needs one tool, i.e., Jasmine, for testing. But not so with MERN. React Native requests the availability of many tools to test your code.

Application Maintenance

Application maintenance is one of the prolonged commitments of developers also app development companies. For this respect, MERN App Development provides the bill correctly when you have long-term projects with your app and glance ahead to smooth maintenance.


Both the MEAN stack and MERN stack give superior quality security. Consequently, you can select any one of them. Though, concerning security, MERN wins the game as it is more scalable than MEAN.

Wrapping Up

Comparisons can be made from all perspectives. The actual validation of the framework depends on the individual needs of your brand. Your opinion, the market share you want to venture into, the scale of the application you have in mind for your target audience, traits, and functionality. You aspire to incorporate more constituents to determine the efficiency of the preferred full stack web app development framework.

That's why we advise you to contact us to develop your app. The best full-stack developers work with us, and they will assure you that they select the exact framework for your app development. We will keep all the factors we discussed and utilize the ideal framework for the development procedure

All you have to do is reach out to us and discuss your idea for further cooperation.


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