What’s the cost to design an app?

17th September 2021


The cost to design an app is a complex and lengthy process. They are many fixed and variable factors that must be taken into account and one can use our App Development Cost Calculator to understand the finances involved. However, if you want to understand the budget in-depth, these are the factors that you must keep in mind.

App Complexity

For any design or management tool, one must undertake the process of Complexity Assessment. What is that? This is a test that determines the number of variables that may affect the design of the product in focus, in this case, designing a mobile. All of these factors together will determine the cost of designing an app, but the variables within them can vastly effect the total budget. This test will help you understand the complexity level at which your app idea stands. It’s a starting point from where you can start estimating the entire cost of the project. A simple app will cost the least and the more complex it is, the costlier and more time taking will be the process.

Number of Platforms

Designing a mobile app is not the same as designing a mobile website. It’s not a one size fits all game where the site has a common use for users across platforms irrespective of the OS they are habituated to. The very advantage of an app over a mobile website is the level of control you have over the UX. A mobile app needs to be designed differently to suit every device and OS that it serves. An iOS user doesn’t use the same functions that an Android user does, similarly, the usage on mobile won’t be the same as on a tablet. Consequently, it’s important to focus on the best possible mediums to make your app accessible to a relevant audience and spend money only on that since more the platforms more will be the cost of the design attached.

Cost by Location for App Design

Like with everything in the world, where you buy your goods largely affects the cost that you acquire them at. However, unlike regular goods that cost less when they are local and more when imported, mobile app design doesn’t work that way. The mobile app design market is a global market with cutting edge competition from across the globe. With more and more countries joining the tech revolution, talent to create these apps is increasing, thereby creating a pull on demand and supply and lowering or increasing the costs region-wise. However, the thing to keep in mind is that every region has its own pros and cons ranging from cost to time difference accessibility.

Level of Expertise of App Designers

Everybody only wants the best when starting a project they feel passionate about but allocated budgets might not allow one to follow through. Depending on the complexity and level of expertise that your app may require, you should chalk out the kind of experience you expect your app design team to have. If it’s a simple app that can be done quickly, then you can hire designers who are starting out and might not charge as high as someone with 5+ years of experience in the field since your margin of error for a simpler app is lower.

Quality of App Design

The next most obvious thing is the quality of the app design. However, there’s a difference between having a great app design that you like versus having a great design that your end-users appreciate. Ideally, this is something one shouldn’t be compromising on since this lays down the foundation on which you build the app. If this is faulty, the whole structure risks collapsing later as you grow.

Designing an app isn’t a one day task. It’s a multi-tiered process with several variables that must be accounted for. The best way to use our App Development Cost Calculator is to get your estimate and work with an expert like Valere so that you can start building the mobile app of your dreams at the earliest!


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