What Makes Valere’s Sports Training IoT App So Great?

23rd November 2021


With the advent of AR/VR technology being integrated into mobile applications and our day-to-day lives, it was only a matter of time before it took over sports apps. But how can all this new technology help in a mobile application? Here’s a guide to understanding Valere’s new IoT Sports Training App.

What is an IoT Sports Training App?

A smart sports training app uses an IoT device like a smart ball, bat or racquet enabled with sensors for better motion and forced understanding. These embedded sensors track motions like spin, position, force, trajectory, playtime, speed, etc to track performance in real-time in a quantitative manner. These performance stats allow for very defined analytics. This turns out to be a great tool to help athletes and sportspersons to increase their technique, strength & overall performance. This kind of approach also helps the trainers get a critical and holistic overview, even remotely.

What are the features of such an app?

Depending on the sports, rules and level of training required, the features may vary for the app. However, the overall features may include:

  • User sign-up or sign-in
  • User account portal
  • Social apps linking integration
  • Connect with smart sports devices via wireless connectivity like WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Recording and maintaining statistics of gameplay & technique in real-time
  • Generating automated reports & analysis
  • Automated leaderboard list generation

How does an IoT Sports Training App work?

  • User purchases the IoT based smart sports device like a smart basketball, golf club, tennis racquet, etc
  • User downloads the associated Sports Training App and chooses the apr training level needed
  • The user connects the smart sports device to the app and does any required configuration
  • Start with a training exercise to help understand how the app and device function
  • Setup training drills as required for your skill level
  • Access real-time feedback and statistics with Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • User understands how to work on their technique and better their skills
  • Share stats and compare with friends, teammates or coaches for a more gamified experience

What are the benefits?

IoT Sports Training Apps are the future of sports training, especially in the competitive field. It includes many benefits, a few of which include:

No geographical boundaries

Training can be conducted without physical presence since detailed analysis and statistics is made available in real-time.

Learning isn’t always time-bound

While practice & correction go hand-in-hand, it’s not necessary in this case and one can revisit the stats multiple times to see what can be further improved.

Easy tracking of analytics & performance overview

The holistic stats and individual analytical & comparative data can be easily viewed at a glance in automated reports

Super simple to set up and use

One only needs access to a mobile phone that meets the minimum tech requirements along with the smart sports device. No extra paraphernalia is needed.

Suitable modules and customized training levels

Training levels and type of gameplay can be selected basis the specific need and goal of the user, making it an extremely personalized experience

More holistic scope of training

When gameplay and performance are not limited to what your trainer can see and understand, the scope increases infinitely to improve. With such equipment in place, trainers can get a more detailed and unbiased overview that can help them create extremely fine-tuned training modules.

Gamified approach helps

A gamified approach helps players compete with each other and review each other's stats which can prove as a constant motivation to do better individually and as a team.An IoT Sports Training App can provide just the right kind of insights that any trainer needs to track their athlete and/or sportsperson's performance over time. With the right kind of tech expert in place, like Valere, you can always innovate your own unique features that will make your app stand apart. To get an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.



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