Want To Use Your Mobile App As A Marketing Channel? Here's How

Mobile App Entrepreneurship September 06, 2021


If there’s any renowned brand in the market that you’re aware of, chances are they either already have a branded app or are in the process of creating one. But what is it that makes an app a better customer acquisition and retainer tool than a mobile or desktop website? Diving deep into the idea of why brands are turning to branded apps as a new marketing channel, here are the top reasons why.

Increased Brand Awareness & Visibility


The branded app is available on one’s mobile that means that the logo is something they often come across which keeps their brand recall high. This means that every time the user wants to make a purchase in the domain, the chances of them using your app is more. The more they interact with the app, the sooner they will make a purchase or avail your services. The best way to ensure that is by tuning your app to the precise needs of your target audience which makes it relevant and more functional for them.

Catching Your Customers’ Eye

With a fast-moving digital world & declining attention spans, it’s difficult to catch one’s eye and even more difficult to retain that attention. The only way to pique an instant interest is by showing your users something that they relate to, i.e., personalized content. The use of Push Notifications, when optimally used, ensures that customers know about personalized offers available to them alongside ensuring brand recall. The more detailed and personalized the content is, the more relatable and loyal will the user feel to the brand.

Collecting Insight About Customers

Branded apps provide personalised experiences for users but to do that they need to collect data about them. This can be done for a variety of facets like their personal shopping behaviors, engagement levels, browsing habits, locations, mobile app usage, favorite hours, etc.

You can use branded apps as a brand marketing channel to monitor users, their personal shopping history, engagement levels, browsing habits, locations, mobile app usage, favorite hours and much more.

This data can then be analysed to determine valuable user insights to understand the needs of the customers and improve the product’s quality. This data can be collected via multiple in-app channels:

Onboarding: The registration for the app can help you get essential information like name, age, basic preferences and contact information.

Rewards in exchange for answering questions: Offer discounts, bonus points and more in exchange for the users filling out certain questionnaires.

In-app Behavior: This is the easiest data to collect and offers a great insight into user behavior and how the features and functions fare with the users.

Increased Brand Loyalty

Apps give you the opportunity to reward the users using exclusive and personalized offers and features. This can be via push notification, in-app messaging, or even a customized experience altogether. Loyalty rewards and such an experience help in making the customer feel more fond of the brands and create a sense of consumer loyalty.

Customized Experience For Your Audience


Interactions and features based on things like location, age, gender, and/or preferences of the user will make them feel like the app was designed to match their needs. This can be used for better localised targeting to push offers and sales. Sometimes this can also be used to inform the customers about newer services and/or launches that may be available only to their demography.

Increasing Sales Ratio

Branded apps affect the sales ratio of a customer. They are more focused on the customer’s individual experience over just making a functional sales pitch. The buying process is more streamlined, intuitive and simpler. This makes for a smarter and convenient purchase process thereby increasing the sales ratio.

Social Network Marketing Via Branded App

Integrating social media apps and sharing buttons within the app enables easier connectivity and sync. This enables businesses to be able to churn out content for social media and be accessible by people across networking apps as well.

All in all, it’s safe to say that your brand’s app is a powerful tool if used in a strategic manner to be used as a marketing channel. Whether to grab the attention of new users or to retain and make loyal users out of old ones, the potential of your app is something you can tap into with customizable features and more. If the budget of such a branded app is on your mind, check out our App Development Cost Calculator or for any other queries or to get started on your app, reach out to our expert team at Valere.

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