Top Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For

17th November 2021


Wearable Tech

Technology has taken over many facets of our lives that were earlier not so tech-enabled like regular heartbeat monitoring with smartwatches, or smart shoes which let you play music via Bluetooth while also counting the number of steps you take. Wearable technology is finally making its way to the masses and it’s here to stay and become a huge part of all our lives. When developing any mobile app, one must keep these use cases and mind nd develop it because something as simple as creating Apple Watch friendly app notifications can make a great difference in the user experience.

Foldable Screens

As screens have increased in size for handheld mobile devices, the potential to unlock even bigger screens has also gone up. The challenge has been to keep it portable and easy to use. Enter foldable screens! A relatively new tech trend in the market, this is going to capture the imagination of the masses as it trickles down and once it gains traction, being ready with a mobile app that assimilates with this technology will give you a first-mover advantage over your competition.


IoT or the Internet of Things isn’t just limited to smart home devices but also many industrial automated devices. IoT has enabled the smooth yet smart & efficient automation of many processes from turning on and off of lights at home by routine to maintaining production and shipping cycles in factories. If the use case permits, creating an app that can be integrated with IoT devices keeps you updated with the times since many apps already offer this feature now.

Beacon Technology

Beacon tech uses low-energy Bluetooth signals transmitted to nearby smart devices to convey information. This helps make location-based and real-time information more readily accessible even by consumers and not just by the company employees. For example, some websites let you know if a product you’re interested in is available at a physical store near you. This information is made accessible via Beacon tech.

Geolocation Integration

Hyper localized and personalized tech has been all the rage for the best and more relevant possible customer experience. Geolocation plays a primary role in enabling this. If your mobile app is one that can benefit from providing location-based suggestions, products or services, then it’s definitely an integration you should be looking at.


What Blockchain essentially does is record every single transaction like a ledger to record the transaction and subsequent owner for a service or commodity. These individual transactions or ‘blocks’ cannot be altered or removed, thereby making it a permanent record. This technology ensures that any such transaction that occurs via your mobile app is secure and updated with the current times.

Mobile Wallets

With the ease of online shopping, the use of cash or keying in your card or bank details almost makes it feel redundant. Also, the use of tap-to-pay card payments and or scan-to-pay options have made traditional modes of payment feels rather complex. Mobile wallets combine the ease of modern-day payment methods without direct access to one’s bank, thereby creating a sense of security in the user’s mind. This also allows the user to access many exclusive deals & discounts and by storing cash in their mobile wallets, they generate cash flow for the companies without even making an actual purchase with them.

AR & VR Integration

Artificial Reality & Virtual Reality are not only great learning or entertainment tools but are also being used to sell products as well. Virtual trial rooms or simulations create via your phone’s camera help you envision how a product may look like in real-time. This helps remove the barrier of visualizing an online product in real-time and helps the customer in making a more confident purchase decision.

With the right kind of tech expert in place, like Valere, you can always innovate your own unique features that will make your mobile application stand apart. To get an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.


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