Top image recognition apps to look out for in 2021

21st November 2021


Image recognition is something that has revolutionized the way we interact with technology on a day to day basis. From something as simple as looking up an object via its barcode or translating entire documents simply by taking a photo with your mobile camera. We’ve compiled a list of the top five such apps that have revolutionized the way we engage and view images.

Google Image Search

The original image recognition algorithm that was created when Jennifer Lopez’s famous green Versace dress broke the internet before it was a thing. When so many people were trying to look up the dress via its image, Google came up with a solution. Instead of having to type the description of the dress, one could simply use the image of the dress to look it up and lo & behold, reverse image search was born.

It is very useful in tracing origins or the high-resolution versions of any image if they exist on the internet. It has also been instrumental in protecting many individuals from copyright infringement that they would otherwise be unaware of.

Google Lens


The revolutionary integration to the android phone camera and available as an additional mobile application. This enables you to do almost everything imaginable under the Sun. It can read out text that you can scan or even translate in real-time. It can scan QR & Bar codes to help you access information and also save contact information directly from any business card that you may scan. With Google Lens, the possibilities are endless and the end game is user convenience especially for those who might be visually challenged or simply are not familiar with the language being used in directions or product labels around them.


This mobile application is a great one as it is specifically designed for those who are visually challenged. It can not only scan or read out documents but its special cloud-based API also allows it to see via the camera and identify 2D & 3D objects and speak them out loud. For example, if you take a picture of your kitchen table, it will list down what all objects are laying on the table in front of you. There’s also the added option to save the results for later use or share via social media app integrations. The UI is highly optimized and buttonless. One only has to tap twice on the screen’s right to click an image and tap twice on the screen’s left to record a video.

Aipoly Vision

Another great app for the visually challenged, this one’s designed to cater to those who have color blindness or blindness, in general. This one, like TapTapSee also recognizes objects via the mobile camera and uses the voiceover feature to say it out loud. However, in addition, it also identifies colours. This is an extremely helpful feature for those suffering from various forms of color blindness. Another super-nifty feature is that it automatically turns on the flashlight in dark conditions for more accurate identification. It even works offline and is available in seven different languages already!


This app was developed to revolutionize your e-commerce shopping experience. It helps fashion enthusiasts scan images for products and then find them online for purchase. It not only lists the product you want but also suggests accessories and coordinates to create a look with it using AI. With changing trends, they constantly update their database and have found a huge fanbase in young shoppers. Beyond camera images, it also works with videos, screenshots, photos, etc.

These are only a few of our favorite mobile applications but there’s an infinite number of apps that one can create for image recognition. If one such idea is on your mind then reach out to our end-to-end tech experts at Valere. And if you want an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.


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