Top App Categories That Will Dominate 2021 Onwards

Mobile App September 11, 2021


The past year has completely changed our dependency on apps and websites for even basic necessities like a doctor’s appointment or groceries. While earlier, we were gradually turning towards technology to solve a lot of our problems, the pandemic accelerated that in wake of avoiding public spaces and more. The app market saw a major growth in 2020 with annual mobile app downloads hitting 218 billion downloads. This made it a great year for user acquisition and for introducing new and relevant apps in the market.

Medical, Health & Wellness Apps


The estimated global mobile health market is projected to be valued at around $189 billion by 2025. The year gone by made it a necessity to access most of our healthcare remotely and mobile apps turned out to be the most accessible way to do so for billions across the globe. With hospitals and clinics still not being the safest of places to visit, mobile apps for consultation, keeping track of medical records or even general fitness monitoring have peaked in demand and it’s only growing. As more and more people get comfortable with the idea of using these apps, they will start to adapt to them as part of their lifestyle and not just as a necessity born out of the pandemic, making it one of the top app categories for 2021.

Grocery Apps


In the USA alone, mobile users of grocery apps grew by a staggering 40.9% in 2020 alone. While the growth in Q1 of 2021 was 5.8%, other quarters would also significantly contribute to the entire year's user growth. The general convenience of not having to step out or make time for errands is something everybody appreciates. In 2020 most of the smartphone-using households globally were forced to order their groceries online and specific apps meant brand loyalty, offers, points and savings on top of convenience which got them hooked. Now that many people continue to engage in this behavior grocery apps are one of the top apps to look out for in the coming years.

Education and E-Learning Apps


The education sector saw a huge standstill as the pandemic set in. Classes got cancelled, campuses emptied out and as cases surged, the world shut down. However, gradually as the long term repercussions set in, classes switched to online. More and more people realised that online education has not only been around for a while but it’s also way more accessible and affordable especially to learn something that might not be your main domain or just a specific skill set. While many people enrolled in online courses, that also meant that the easiest access that they had to their course materials was via educational apps. Language learning, vocational skills or even hobby learning, people took up many subjects and fields of interests over the years which saw a huge push in 2020, making it a trending top app category for 2021 as well.

Restaurant and Food Delivery Apps


After a very inspired few months of trying to be masterchefs, everyone across the globe sighed in relief as restaurants opened up for delivery. Whether it was ordering via a common food delivery platform or via a restaurant’s native app, food delivery gradually and carefully saw an incline in sales again. It has always been a top tier app segment, and with coming months, it’s only gonna continue being in the top apps categories. As restaurants keep phasing in and out of restrictions and lockdowns, food delivery is the only sure shot way in the coming quarters to make good food available in the safety of one’s own home.

Dating Apps

As more and more couples meet online, the stigma around online dating has reduced. As we hit the 21st century, easier access to the internet and eventually to mobile internet made online dating a whole new possibility. When apps like Tinder and now Bumble hit the scene, the convenience of it skyrocketed. You could now swipe to see a potential love match at the tip of your fingers, literally. Different apps now offer different spectrums, different USPs and a whole host of key features targeted at the main users which has spiked user acquisition over the past decade substantially. The lack of social connect during the lockdowns further led to these dating apps becoming a hub of virtual social interaction for many! A trend that we’ll see continuing in 2021 and further as Dating Apps continue to trend under top app categories.

Finance Apps


Over the past few years, fintech apps have seen a huge surge in the number of users. Mobile banking apps, mobile payment apps, asset management apps, personal finance apps—users are turning to apps for many of their financial needs. The ease of use, portability and the array of services available make it a top choice for people looking to manage and grow their finances at the click of a button!

Pet Apps


77% of Millennials prefer to buy pet supplies online which means an increasing number of Millenials are spending time online browsing for their pets. This not only accounts for shopping for one’s pets but also looking up tips and tricks, finding dog walkers, fellow pet parents and even trainers to help with your pets and much much more. Pets are the primary reason behind first home purchases amongst Millennials making them a prime subject of a top category app segment with immense potential.

Ecommerce Apps


A mobile website is simply an optimized version of one’s desktop site, rarely offering anything beyond the desktop site. However, when it comes to an app, it can offer a highly customized experience for every individual based on parameters like interests, behavior, location, purchase history & demographics. This eventually leads to higher engagement and conversion rate than a mobile website. The user is less likely to exit an app than they are to browse away from a mobile website. As brick and mortar sales fluctuate worldwide, an omnichannel approach is ideal. And as more and more businesses turn digital, building an app for their business is the next step to create better conversions, increased customer loyalty & higher brand recall.

Internal Communication and Employee Apps

Another key top app category is that used by businesses to manage internal communication and logistics. These apps can include attendance tracking, to meetings & presentations to even planning & tracking goals on different levels. With WFH being the new normal, the need for these apps has shot up in the past year. 80% of the global workforce is deskless, meaning that they aren’t physically engaging with their office environment and need easy & quick access to all work related data in an organized & mobile manner. The best solution for this? An app that meets the specific demands of the organization or a bunch of apps that solve different purposes. There are newer challenges arising everyday for this new work culture and creating seamless video presentation apps isn’t the beginning or end of it. The scope is endless and any problem solving app can become revolutionary in this exceedingly growing market.

With so many segments and potentials to tap, it’s overwhelming to make the right choice. But with the right research and steps in place, you can make the correct choice that matches your tech entrepreneur dreams. Getting an expert like Valere on board can help you understand and work on the process and our App Development Cost Calculator helps you envision the financial requirements that you might have!

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