Top 5 Benefits Of Online Learning For Students

22nd November 2021


No geographical or time boundaries

With an online learning app in place, the study material and classes can be accessed anytime anywhere. With remote access available, even if a student suddenly remembers to check something at 3 am or a professor is in a different time zone, office hours do not matter and they can readily keep the study flow going with no breaks.

Cost-effective for both the students and administration

The biggest benefit of having an online learning app in place is that it helps reduce the burden on the institution and the students to keep track of a lot of data that gets automated once fed into the system. Administrative efforts and costs lower drastically and processes become faster and paperless. Notes can be accessed online, live classes available later as video uploads, discussions on class forums, online learning opens up a plethora of opportunities & choices.

Vast choice & options available

With online learning, one isn’t restricted to the colleges and courses that they can physically or financially access. Someone sitting in a third world country can also access courses being taught at MIT, for example. This is something they might not have been able to do either due to geographical boundaries or financial constraints otherwise.

Live & offline learning

As the world evolved during the pandemic, live classes over video calls became the norm. Gradually this has opened up a sphere of a mix of live and recorded classes that can be viewed and analyzed to study from across time zones. This has offered not only convenience but also a way to revisit a live class again with the recorded version to understand concepts missed otherwise.

Degrees & certifications

Just because learning is now online doesn’t mean that one isn’t awarded degrees or certificates in the end. The education is equally credible and thus is certified and vetted. In some cases, courses are available for free but only when you pay a premium can you be awarded the certificates. This makes education more accessible for the sake of learning and not just to build a CV which is a refreshing way to look at EdTech.

EdTech and online learning has seen the biggest boom in years in 2020 and it’s only growing from there. If there’s the best time to invest in e-learning or any other educational app, it is now. With the right kind of tech expert in place, like Valere, you can always innovate your own unique features that will make your mobile application stand apart. To get an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.


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