The Solution For Faster, Better Field Service Management? A Mobile App!

Mobile App September 04, 2021

You call in a technician to your place but he spends about half an hour trying to figure out the configurations of the products in use. You pay him for his minutes of labor but also the minutes he spent trying to understand the setup. Could the time spent trying to understand the setup be avoided? With the right smart solution in place, it is not only possible but very easily accessible with a field service management app that is customer-centric.

What are the benefits, capabilities and importance of having one?

Well, to begin with, a customer-centric service management app will make it very easy for your end-users to have a lot of data easily available with them without the need for a field expert to be physically present with them. This gives them the power of choice where they can make key decisions about repairs, upgrades or even the budgets for the same.

The capabilities can be indefinite but these three key features are a good place, to begin with:


Remote AI & human-based assistance are available:

While an AI assistant or even a remote human-based support assistant can help solve the simpler problems with the user, the AI assistant can also help further the efficiency and skillsets of an on-field support assistant.

Provide remote data accessibility and registration:

It is wrong to assume that top-notch connectivity and tech services might be available everywhere. So, one of the benefits, capabilities & USPs of the app should include remote availability of data for technicians. This will enable them to not only access information in a more realistic and efficient manner but also key in important data that can then be uploaded once connectivity resumes. In all it empowers them to be connected technicians.


Integrate available mobile tech for better accessibility:

The mobile app shouldn’t work on principles solely based on very advanced technology. It should be made such that using largely available mobile technology, it can provide services like diagnostics and support services.

These features will enable a lot of accessible support not only any premise or location but also a variety of cloud environments where this will prove to be an essential part of the technician’s toolkit.


How does it help companies grow?

A company’s growth is dependent on the quality and efficiency of service that they can provide to their end-user and customer. The smoother and more efficient the process, the more likely is to have a great UX.

App development for such mobile service management needs to keep the technician and the consumer in mind when being designed. This ensures optimal usage by all end users. As consumers, this ensures great overall customer satisfaction and brand recall. Both, in turn, lead to great brand loyalty and goodwill.

The development of such an app is a tedious process and involves a lot of decision-making at every step. Getting an expert like Valere on board can help you understand and work on the process with you. Our App Development Cost Calculator can help you create a projected budget that you can then work towards to start building the mobile app of your dreams!


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