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29th October 2021


Technology has made daily tasks easier for everyone. Whether to take groceries from the online payment app or to make an appointment with the doctor online, all industries are profiting from modern technology. Everything is just a click away. It was only in our imagination that one day would come when everything could be done relaxing at home. And mobile app developers have built it possible. Do you want to order food? Log in to the Food Delivery App and acquire the order delivered to your doorstep. Engaged with an office schedule and require a beautiful outfit for an important date or party? Turn towards the fashion or e-commerce app and get the attire delivered to your address on time. But have you ever wondered how one gets paid for such online purchases? All online payments are made by digital payment app. In this blog, you will learn how to make the best wallet app and what features should be added to it to make it more convenient for customers.

Industries That Benefit From A Mobile Wallet Application

Nowadays, online payment wallets are commonly associated with the financial sector. Since money was exchanged online, it has been used in many industries.

Ecommerce and Retail Businesses

Ecommerce and retail companies utilize mobile wallet applications. They pay through coupons, loyalty cards, etc. The best thing is that it helps users collect sales data. If you have strategies to build an e-commerce app or a retail business app, you need to understand the trends in the integration of payment gateways.

Financial Companies

Financial companies are now reducing things to cards so that they can include mobile wallet applications. Wallet automatically saves credit or debit card information for the user, so the user does not need to add card details again and again and can make payments directly without hesitation.

Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunications industry enables customers to manage mobile wallet applications to execute bill payments, redeem and transfer money to another account.

Transportation and logistics

Now each cab company like Uber and Ola are authorized to make payments utilizing the e-wallet application. Some cab industry designed their own mobile payment methods, like Ola Money and Uber integrated Paytm.

Food, Grocery and event-based

You can easily book movie tickets to your favorite theater shows utilizing the mobile wallet app, also use the e-wallet to pay for the same. Even if you order food from a cafe or restaurant, you can make payments through the online mobile wallet app.

Cost To Develop Apps Like PayPal

Scrutinize the budget and cost involved in building an app like PayPal. A reliable budget plan is vital for such efforts.

You require managing so that you can accomplish organizational goals. Hire Android Developers according to the industry standard rates. With the perfect technique and skill, your results will be great.

There are many factors on which the total cost may depend. App development cost does not conclude with development. An app demands changes and updates with the changing market.
Examine these key cost factors before starting your app development campaign. Develop an app like Paypal and reach your target customers.

Platform - It is the essential factor that precis the total cost. Hire Android developers to select the best platform for your application. And it can be either iOS or Android or both together. Payment gateway development costs will be based on the service providers.

Maintenance - The development of a custom mobile application does not eliminate your costs. Updates and changes also tie in a reasonable price. Not a single app will work without any modification. The continuous process of enhancing the app will perform it market-friendly. The cost of an online payment app will depend on the maintenance of your app.

Security - Apps like PayPal builds and helps your customers achieve a secure transaction. The most common complaint of mobile e-wallet apps is safety. Moreover, customer data and every information are safe and secure, and no one can use it without the security code.

Features of Mobile Payment App

Are you looking for an advanced feature to unite into your e-wallet app? Then below are some pointers that you should consider if you want to make an e-wallet app that is easy to utilize also liked by the users.

  • Login/ User’s Profile
  • Sync More Than One Bank Account
  • No Minimum Transaction Limit
  • GPS Tracking
  • Bill Splitting Option
  • e-Receipts
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Reward Points
  • Privacy and Security


Today, every transaction or bill payment is being complete by utilizing mobile wallet applications. The days are elapsed when people used to pay bills by visiting bill payment centers and sitting in long queues. Paying bills or transferring money online is now easier. Mobile app development companies provide online mobile payment apps systems for quick payments to suppliers or business organizations. It is an excellent idea to develop a mobile wallet app for start-ups and businesses this time around.


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