Key mistakes to avoid before & after you launch your app

22nd November 2021


There are several key areas to keep in mind when working on an app’s launch. But what are the main areas or mistakes to avoid when creating one? Here’s a guide to help you have a seamless app launch.

Not giving weightage to research for development

Research should be the first stage for any plan be it for development or launch. Unless you understand the expectations and needs of the users, you’ll not be able to create & design a launch plan that will be a hit with the users.

Not testing enough

Without beta testing, it’s going to be a very glitchy ride to the goal of a flawless user experience. With ample systematic testing, it’s very easy to ensure that no bugs make it to the final version of the app that gets launched. Instead of testing only once in the end, it’s essential to test at every step & stage to ensure that the changes and/or additions were done adequately without any bugs.

Not investing in pre-launch campaigns

Investing in a pre-launch campaign can be just the buzz that you need to make your app a roaring success. With enough research and deep knowledge of the potential user base, you can pique their interest and make them look forward to the app launch without even giving a glimpse of the actual product.

Not having a realistic release date

This is a problem often faced by marketing teams where they are told no actual date or only a tentative date to plan their campaigns. This makes it increasingly difficult to work and create relevant and trending campaigns. Having a realistic date ie one that both your product & promotional side of the team are comfortable with is the ideal way to chalk out the timeline of an app launch.

No scheduled maintenance

Post-launch the most common mistake is to consider that the job is now ‘done and the tech part of your app no longer needs your attention. Once the app is launched it’s important to be on top of any reviews or feedbacks coming your way. This can not only help identify things like glitches & bugs but also problem areas like users being unable to use the app as intended. So check your app and reviews on a regular basis to keep it in tip-top shape.

No pro-active customer support

Many times companies create the app, would conduct testing and once they are satisfied they’ll launch it and forget about the feedback from the actual end audience. Have a team in place that not only responds to all possible customer queries and grievances via email, phone and app store reviews but also escalates any issue that needs to be dealt with and manages to keep the users feeling like they are important to the company.

Not checking the user metrics

You can develop the best possible app with the newest tech trends and the smoothest user flow. But if you aren’t keeping tabs on how the users are actually interacting with the app then you’ll never be able to create an app that serves them to the best potential possible. There are many tools like the heatmap above to track user behaviour so use them and build your app around those metrics.

With the right kind of tech expert in place, like Valere, you can always innovate your own unique features that will make your mobile application stand apart. To get an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.


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