How to Make a Social Media App - A Comprehensive Guide

11th November 2021


Social media apps are now a crucial part of our lives. It's not confined to interacting with your known contacts. People attach with other people with similar mindsets or abilities to develop. Advancements in mobile technology have flagged the way for the achievement of social media app development. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone and dozens of social media apps for multiple purposes.

Social media apps have transformed the way you interact with each other. People spend plenty of time online and scroll the news feed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. The mystery behind the demand for such apps is the freedom they offer to the users. In this, you can share your ideas, dreams, and successes with the entire universe. Social networking app development is the trend in the IT industry. Users desire to chat, share and exchange thoughts with compatible souls.

Types of Social Media Apps

If you want to begin social app development, you must understand what type of social media your approach is related to:

Social Networks - Facebook, LinkedIn

Media Sharing Networks - Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube

Discussion Forums – Quora, Reddit

Content Sharing Networks – Flipboard, Pinterest

Consumer Review Networks – TripAdvisor, Yelp

Blogging and Publishing Networks – Medium, WordPress

Features of Social Media App Development

Here are some of the features to consider when developing a social platform.


Onboarding promotes a model to the users about the working of an app. Users love to try new things, but they should be perfectly guided to utilize a new app. Apart from this, users have to fill a registration form and give their essential details like name, email, age, etc.

Profile Building

On social media, everyone desires to look good and project great results. Your project should provide users the liberty to edit their profiles and fill in their details, which they wish to present to the world. A profile should also have a bio section asking users to fill in information that best describes them.

Social Feed

Newsfeed or social feed enables users to see other posts and content distributed by their channels in a scrollable form. Users are more engaged in others' feeds. So, make sure that this trait should be well combined with your app.

Post Creation

Users should be dressed up their posts in any form, like text, video, or photos. This trait enables users to build their posts and share them with their network. Your app should allow users to communicate with other posts on the channel by liking and commenting choices. You can also permit users to share their content live by performing live streaming in your app.


Everyone loves to be praised as users like to know about everything happening within their network, like when somebody loved their content, followed them, shared their content, etc. The notification trait follows the same idea. It informs users about several updates.


In addition to sharing content, users connect through text, audio, or video chats on these apps. Please make sure that this feature is present in your mobile development app to invite a large user base. It would be more beneficial if users may start a group chat on your app.


Remembering the names of everyone in your group is not easy. This is where the search option in the picture comes in. It has many uses, and users can utilize it to seek for any person, place, or thing in your custom mobile app.

Location wise content

While posting content, you can add the choice to give the user's location. And you can also add this feature to the search section, which allows users to search based on a location. It also adds a personalization hint, and users are fascinated by the idea of ​​location sharing.


A user's profile receives many followers or posts, and analytics becomes a vital part. If the user's profile is crucial or not, your app should present an analysis of the user's profile in terms of the reach of his posts, the number of followers increased, etc.


Introducing multiple filters on your social app can increase its reach and user base. People are always thrilled to try out new filters and share them with friends. These filters should enhance the quality of your photos or videos with multiple effects.

AI Chatbots

AI involvement in your app can never go sideways. The implementation of chatbots is a united benefit. It can be utilized with various social media apps to answer frequently asked questions regarding your app. The crucial use of chatbots is to provide optimum customer satisfaction by providing a quick and effective response.

Complete Development Procedure

And learn a little more about how to build your social network app, what tech stack you might require creating a minimum viable product for iOS or Android, and if you're willing to entrust the development process to a dedicated professional and devoted team of coders.

Technologies to Consider

Trending social media apps are now being developed with several attractive features which need different technology. The functionality of your app will be based on the technology stack you have chosen for development goals. There are some technologies utilized for development is.

  • Front-end Development
  • Backend Development
  • Programming Languages
  • Database Development

Monetization Models

Everything on the internet has only one goal that is to print money. Therefore, you want to decide which monetization model you need to implement in your social media platform. Monetization plans are diversifying as technological advancements are being made each day. New designs are being created by many apps prevalent in the market. It's all depends on you, which strategy satisfies you the most. Here, some of the most famous monetization patterns are given below.

  • Advertisement
  • In-app Purchases
  • Sponsors and Partnerships
  • Events
  • Data Monetization
  • Paid Subscriptions

Team Requirements

To create social media app, you require a complete team of mobile app developers. Now, to select the best team for custom mobile app development, you need to examine the reviews and abilities of such developers and businesses.

You have the choice of recruiting a team of freelance social media app developers, which will cost you much less than a developed company. Though, you have to collect every single position to make a perfect team. A typical development involves a few developers, a project manager, a QA, and a UI/UX designer. If you manage to bring a team together, there will be coordination and quality problems that most people face. And developed mobile app development companies make sure about the quality and after-sales assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop

The money needed to create social media app depends on several factors. Your vision of the app, the traits you need to combine, the time spent in development, and so on. So, because of these factors, it varies in the cost figure.

There are a lot of features that need a different technology to be performed and affect the cost. The cost will be based on your selection of a mobile app development team. In the case of a freelance team, you will pay them based on per hour, and the full-fledged mobile app development company, you will only be charged for the human resources and time spent in your project.


Social media apps are a vital part of our life. Everyone is utilizing social media apps, and the market is full of possibilities. Rather than the presence of many social networking platforms in the market, there is still a place for one more app. You can transform your user base into a great revenue creation model with effective strategies. And you want to learn more about social media apps, then contact Valere labs.


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