How Much Does It Cost to Develop Apps Similar to Netflix | Full Guide?

21st October 2021


Gone are the days when everyone gathered on television to watch their favorite shows at a fixed time. Now everyone is very busy in their world, and with the progression of technology, it has become easy to watch your favorite shows and series at any time. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., have entered the internet world and let you watch the shows of your choice on smartphones and televisions as per your timeline.

The ease, convenience, and great content available on Netflix and other related platforms attract audiences from all over the world. Shortly, the demand for everyday sitcoms on television will drop significantly, and apps like Netflix will become a significant source of entertainment for many people. Now, you look at the younger generation, and most of them have a slight interest in watching television and are drawn to Netflix.

How to Create A Streaming Service App

To create your streaming app like Netflix, follow the given steps:

Search your niche

Decide what type of content you want to stream on your OTT app. You must have viewed in Netflix that there are various categories for users. There are many categories such as comedy, entertainment, music, fitness, education, etc. However, when Netflix first entered the market, there were no various options available. So if you are fresh to this business, you should go with a single category or select an option that helps entertain the users.

Content availability

Once you're sure what kind of content you'll have on your app, the next step is to decide ways to get to that content. Are you going to create your videos and post fresh content, or are you proposing to get content from different distributors and then present it on your app?

If you plan to get videos from distributors, you will need to work on getting licenses and copyrights for them, or you can even rent videos from an approved distributor. You sort out all these things in the commencement so that you do not face any problems later.

Choose the monetization model

Once you have determined to go for on-demand video streaming app development, the essential thing is to figure out how you will monetize the idea. As we talked about, Netflix operates on a subscription-based model, and you also require selecting your monetization model.

  • Subscription-based model: Business owners earn when a user subscribes to any service like Netflix.
  • Pay-Per-View: In this, you have to spend for every video they see, and business owners can make money from it like iTunes.
  • Advertisement-based model: Business owners earn by crediting other companies to run their ads between videos on your app, like YouTube.

Video Streaming App Requirements

Cloud Hosting

The purpose for suggesting cloud hosting for your app like Netflix are:

  • They are cheaper as compared to other hard drives.
  • Cloud hosting portals are very flexible.
  • The cloud platform gives immediate access to the video.

Good Internet Connection

If you are starting to build an app like Netflix, you should understand that internet speed directly influences the quality of video streaming app. Any standard definition video must have a minimum speed, and it must be higher for HD. So always cherish to stay attached with a good internet company for the best experience.

Focus On Target Audience

Now draw the audience. Focus on your audience so that the app becomes popular and becomes a success in no time. Advertise your app on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or upload short clips of your content so that users can see it and can go to your video streaming app immediately through the link given there. This is an intelligent move to capture the attention of the viewers.

What Cost Is Required To Develop Apps Similar To Netflix?

The more hours it takes to develop the app, the higher the cost. You are planning to make your app with advanced features and technology. If you want a simple or basic app design, the price will be less. If you are a learner, it will be good to opt for essential services or features, but if you want an advanced professional video streaming app, you will also have to pay a decent amount. The more complex the app development process, the higher the number of hours and cost together. The reduced number of hours will automatically diminish the price. So, it depends on the client how they aspire to take this app development process based on their budget.


Apps like Netflix can be highly profitable if the plan and content of the app are chosen to keep in mind the customer demand. App development needs good market research for all the several perspectives mentioned above. If all the process is handled well with professionalism and a good strategy, building a video streaming app can be successful.


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