How Much Does It Cost To Build A Platform Like Zoom?

App Development Mobile App June 14, 2021

Video conferencing effectively resolves many challenges of remote work, and it is no news that they were the knight in shining armor for businesses across the pandemic-struck world. But it is not just the pandemic that has shot up the use of video conferencing. According to statistics, the number of remote users for telecommuting has increased by 115% in the last decade, and this growth was evident even before COVID-19. 

Zoom was launched in 2013, and in a year’s time, it achieved 10 million downloads. By February of 2015, it crossed 40 million downloads. But March of 2020 was when it really took off. The development rate of Zoom in 2020 was a staggering 730%.

What once was a conferencing app grossing 100 million annual meetings in 2015, became the most widely accepted means of professional communication by March 2020 - when the number of meetings crossed 200 million in just one single day.

By April, the number of daily zoom meetings rose to 300 million and the revenue rose from $330.5 million in FY 2019 to $622.7 million in FY 2020. 

This overreaching growth of the industry is here to stay. With the growth of AI, real-time transcription, better applications of CRM and project management, analytics about participants, etc., intelligent & seamless video conferencing is changing the future of meeting rooms. According to Market Watch, the global Video Conferencing Endpoint market which was valued at $1691.5 million in 2020, is expected to reach 1802.3 million USD by the end of 2026.

So, for a far-visioned entrepreneur, this should definitely ring a bell of a good business opportunity with a market that is still in its infancy and can be experimented with. Making an efficient and user-friendly video conferencing and remote working app sounds interesting and lucrative in current times. But there’s one key question that needs to be answered to be able to jump to any conclusion,

  • How much does it cost to develop a Zoom app?

Across the US, the hourly fee of app developers ranges from $50 -$150. The globally accepted average fee for robust app development is $50/hr. Consequently, what appears to be the average cost to make a Zoom app ranges from $45,000 to $70,000. 

Entrepreneurs should take note that cross-platform app development can get you a better deal because you won’t have to make different apps for iOS, Android and web. You can use one code that is functional on all of those platforms.


If you want to create an app like zoom or something along the same lines, you need to know that it is not like your regular VoIP calls, it requires space and bandwidth. 

Some of the key features that will have a major impact on the cost to build a Zoom app are

  • Registration and choice of plans
  • Generating a user profile
  • Syncing the app with online calendar apps like Google Calendar, Trello, Jira, Google Drive and more
  • Video conferencing feature with high-quality audio and video
  • Screen sharing option 
  • Feature to record the meeting
  • Creating breakout rooms 
  • Option to mute incoming audio and video from one or more participants
  • Chat service - to the whole team or to a particular participant personally
  • Advanced scheduling of meetings and managing timetable
  • Virtual “raise hand” option
  • Encryption and privacy functionalities
  • Video call filters and background switch 
  • Compatibility and adaptability with different devices /li>


Constructive criticism is the best kind of a successful entrepreneur and it’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others. Some ideas as to how can you do better than Zoom at making an intelligent video conferencing app -

  • If the user of the zoom mobile app could directly access zoom phone calls through their phone contact list, instead of having to create an invite link or entry code - that would make it a lot more convenient. 
  • The feature of visibility of the status of availability is also useful, especially for meetings in multinational companies. 

  • Integration with Google Docs or any other software that could allow a shared editing and writing space within meetings would also be an interesting feature in the zoom app.
  • The Auto-framing feature eliminates the manual task of zooming in and out of the video by enabling the camera to automatically adjust itself in order to fit everyone present in front of the screen. 
  • A feature to block or reduce the noise in the background would be very beneficial in a video conferencing app. However, note that it would significantly raise the cost of creating a Zoom app since it is an advanced technology.
  • Zoom cloud meeting app doesn’t have a virtual whiteboard sharing option yet. It could prove to be a highly critical tool for not just company meetings but also remote teachers.


You can access the platform through the following media -

  • zoom web app
  • zoom desktop app
  • zoom app for iPhone
  • zoom app for Android

How can intelligent video conferencing apps earn?

Zoom app made an average revenue of
$150million in every quarter of 2020
. Let’s see how we can monetize the app

Freemium & Premium Models -  The basic service can be provided free of charge but costs are to be charged to access the advanced functionality. Let the participants attend a meeting for a couple of meetings for free, but uninterrupted video conferencing beyond that requires switching to the premium service plan. There can be both per meeting charges, monthly or annual service charges. 

Final Word 

In the post-pandemic world, where Work From Home and remote working is the new trend, investing in a video conferencing app in 2021 is a lucrative market opportunity. You can also find out more about how much it costs to build a Zoom app by using our intuitive mobile app calculator which is used by 100s of entrepreneurs in the US. We would love to connect on a call to help you identify the relevant tech stack to develop, discover app functionalities and breaking them further down and finally help you design, develop and launch an intelligent video conferencing app. 

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