How Can You Optimize Your App Through UI/UX Design?

25th September 2021


The UI/IX design of an app determines how long and how often will an app user use your mobile app. This in turn determines if and how often do they make a purchase decision while on your app and contribute to your business. With that said, this very basic relationship between the UI/UX of your app and the user’s ease of use can be established as a very important pillar of success and growth for your app. Here’s how you can make your app’s UI/UX even better.

Landing Page Videos

Videos especially customised videos, suited to solve the purpose of the landing pages can greatly reduce the bounce rate of the page. These videos can not only be used to retain attention but also to help the page’s content be explained visually instead of via text. The general aesthetic of the page becomes more interesting and the effort spent on making the video shows credibility & commitment towards customers. Videos can also make a customer’s journey to the CTA button much shorter and smoother.

Easy Onboarding Processes

Anytime you’ve joined an app if the sign-up process or login process is too complicated or elaborate, it can feel tedious and lead a user to tap away. Thus, easy onboarding should be the priority and a great way to do this is by dividing your onboarding process into simple steps split over several screens. Another way to ease the process is by making only essential information mandatory at the onboarding stage and giving the option to come back and finish the process in terms of non-essential information. This would make a customer’s journey faster and seem less rigid as perceived by the user.

Branded Visual Themes

It’s important to make the app your own and the best possible way to do it is by using your brand’s guidelines as the benchmark for all visual imagery within your app. This ensures exceptional brand recall by the users, gives uniformity and stability of use and makes the app more visually appealing. A pre-decided colour palette and style of visuals, be it for icons or for animations, should be used throughout the app.

Tutorials For Easy of Use

When new features are introduced or when a new user joins the app, it’s imperative to give them the necessary information on the best way to use the app. While some steps might seem quite silly, it’s important to remember that not all your users come with the same exposure level and it’s important to make your design inclusive and accessible in terms of UI & UX. Another reason why tutorials do great is that they help the users discover certain features that they might have missed out on otherwise!

Call to Action Button

The Call To Action button is the entire reason why a web page or an app screen is created. The idea is always going to be to make the user’s journey to the CTA the shortest and smoothest possible ride. Whether it is to make a purchase or to drop in their details, the CTA serves the most important purpose on any screen. Thus, the visual hierarchy of the page should reflect the same. The CTA button should be boldly visible against the rest of the screen that has clear text instructions written on it. Nobody should have to decode what a CTA button would do for them. While the text on the button may seem obvious things that any interested user would do to engage, the text actually ensures that the user engages without any active thought.

Loading Speed

This may seem like something that’s rather obvious, in most cases, it’s not. Optimised web pages with only the necessary polished content perform a lot better than heavy web pages that take longer to load. The attention span has dwindled drastically over the past decade so has the patience level. If a web page won’t load quickly, we would either shut the tab or simply switch to another app instead. Thus, it’s best to optimise the UI to the most efficient loading time design to get the best performance possible.

Getting Rid of Friction in the Form of Navigation

When creating a web page or a mobile app screen that has a CTA, it’s generally not a good idea to hide the CTA in a manner where one has to scroll to reach it. Why? Shorter attention spans and faster clicks. This means if you want to give important information to the user, try and give it to them in a decluttered manner from the very first screen that they see. The more they have to scroll or navigate, the more interest they lose.

Legibility & Readability

Not all fonts are web fonts and might not work well when resized multiple times between banners and copy text. What might look great in a large size on the banner might become illegible as a caption. Thus, when choosing fonts make sure you use something functional over visually appealing. When writing copy, you shouldn’t overcomplicate what you write. UX writing is different from copywriting. It needs to still appeal to the masses but it needs to also make sense to most if not all of them.

An optimised app with fine-tuned UI & UX will lead to snappier usage and happier customers. Get started on your app now with Valere! If you have the budget for your app on your mind then you can use our App Development Cost Calculator to get your estimate and start building the mobile app of your dreams!


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