Here’s How You Can Develop A Language Learning App

1st October 2021


Worldwide mobile education app downloads from 1st quarter 2017 to 1st quarter 2020, by platform

The world might have come to a standstill in 2020, but the e-learning sector saw a boom like never before. Nobody could’ve predicted the dependency that we had in 2020, over technology to not only keep us connected but also educated. With staggering numbers, people downloaded and used e-learning apps. Whether for school, university or even casual learning.

Research & Develop A Strategy

If developing a language learning app has been on your mind then you would know the amount of competition that’s there in the market with apps like Babble, Duolingo, etc available. The idea is to not just come up with a strategy but to come up with one that’s rock solid and sure to make heads turn in the way the apps before yours have never been able to. Invest in good quality research and do a thorough competitor and user analysis before you come up with a strategy. There are many mistakes you want to avoid when building an app and not doing thorough research is one of them.

Ensure Credible Resources

When creating an information-driven app, especially one that’s education-focused, it’s imperative that we only use credible sources of information to create the learning module. The teaching staff and people planning the learning curriculum for the language learning should not only be certified in their field but also hold considerable experience so that their contribution involves deep knowledge of the subject and its social context.

Consider The Cultural Context

When we learn to read or speak a language, just learning the meaning of words or how to write the words isn’t enough. A language can reflect the social structure and culture of a place so it’s important to understand the nuances. These things, if part of your language learning app, will give you an edge over other apps which don’t focus on the context but only on the language itself. This also gives a lot more social relevance and makes it easier to learn what to say in the right situation and how to address people in the correct manner.

Attractive & Engaging UI/UX Design

The power of an optimized and attractive UI/UX ensures a smoother user flow and longer engagement times. Especially in the case of learning apps, it’s important to ensure that the screens don’t feel overwhelming and are easy to navigate. It should make someone want to spend more time within the app and one way to make sure of it is by creating functional & visually appealing UI/UX designs.

Consider App Modularization

Creating apps that are modular has many advantages and something, if tackled early on, can greatly benefit the growth and development of the same. A modular app has different modules for different features which can be isolated to be upgraded, changed or edited. This makes it super easy to update only that specific part without having to work upon the rest and for a language mobile app, as lessons progress it’s easier for the lessons to be updated and optimized efficiently.

Create An App Gamification Strategy

When you gamify an app, you are creating a more engaging user flow that rewards the users with positive reinforcements and by creating a sense of competition with fellow users. There’s a lot that you can learn about how to gamify your mobile app but the basic idea is that the users get rewarded for completing tasks or certain behaviors with the help of progress bars, point systems, badges, leaderboard rankings etc. This is a pretty ideal way to make the user of a language learning app feel good about their progress and can increase loyalty & usage over time.

Plan A Holistic Learning Approach

When you create a language learning app, it cannot be focused on just the visual context ie just be reading and writing one can’t learn a language. It’s important that the app includes more than just spelling and grammar rules and also includes auditory cues, pronunciations, etc Every language also has dialect and accents, which is super important to get a grasp of when one is learning so it’s going to make your app stand out if you can include some cues highlighting those differences.

Elevate The User Experience

Go beyond the norm of just offering digitally fed information in your language learning app and have features that inculcate personalized learning. For example, with a premium membership, you can avail of one-on-one tutoring with a live tutor via the app for any doubts you may have. Having tips to crack the test or learn for the tests can be super helpful. It will make people take them more seriously without feeling overwhelmed.

What usually starts out as a casual hobby to learn a language can grow into a passion with the right language learning app which can be yours! And if creating such an app for your business is on your mind, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator for an estimate on the budget and any other queries or get started on your app, you can reach out to our expert team at Valere.


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