Does your business need an app?

9th October 2021


If you’re running a company in today’s day & age, chances are most of your dealings are via the internet. Many things are now automated. Using an app to do so only makes those tasks more accessible & transparent. But do you need an app if you’re not an e-commerce company? No matter the industry, an app can be disruptive in any field and can benefit your business in the following ways and more.

Easier Communication With All Stakeholders

A customized app makes it possible to have optimized information available to the relevant stakeholders. For example, a customized e-commerce app will have the most targeted and updated information available to the customers to make a quick & informed purchase. Whereas an app for internal communication, like Slack, will be super beneficial to streamline the information channel within the organization. The third type of app can be one for investors/shareholders where they might receive crucial updates as and when required. This can make them feel a lot more informed about the processes. An app can also prove super beneficial as it can help navigate logistics faster with on-the-go inventory and/or employee schedule tracking.

Boost Customer Engagement & Brand Recall

A customized app has branded UI/UX design like logos, taglines, brand colors, fonts, etc. The branding dominates the visual aesthetic of the app. This ensures that the customer has a better visual memory of what the brand looks and feels like. Also, the additional benefit of an app is the push notifications. They serve as an instant reminder for the customer to interact with the latest launches and/or offers available on the app.

Personalized Customer Experience

A mobile app can be customized to cater to a customer’s tastes and needs. With the right kind of algorithm in place, they could be shown only those products that may interest them and are more likely to be purchased. It can also be tailored to suit their demographics like the location they are based in, their age group, the gender they identify with, etc. This makes targeting the right product to the right customer far more accurate.

No Geographical Or Time Boundations

A mobile app means the freedom to be able to access information at any time from anywhere. Now, it could be a customer who is currently abroad and browsing for later or an employee re-checking the inventory way past work hours. An app will make this access much smoother with no barriers to information like business hours or reaching out to a physical team to access this information.

Improved Team Communication

Emails tend to get confusing with multiple people marked on various threads and conversations & using your personal numbers to communicate for work isn’t always the best experience. In that case, the best solution comes in the form of a customized mobile app made to fit the internal communication needs of your organisation. Teams can interact with each other internally & externally. Databases can help people find the right person that they need to reach out to. Demarcated channels that allow that the required information is shared with only the relevant employees.

Irrespective of your nature of business, you can vastly benefit from a customized app. With the right kind of research & expert developers like Valere in place, your app can not only solve day-to-day issues but increase brand goodwill and sale numbers. You can get an estimate of the kind of budget you might need with our App Development Cost Calculator to get started on your app and create the next big EdTech app now.


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