An overview of the development of a voice recognition app

12th November 2021


Voice recognition and conversational AI are already recognizable to users of google voice recognition assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri. Users can utilize this technology to communicate verbally with a computer or other device. The system translates their spoken query into text and interprets what they are saying to answer a user's query. This post will examine how much does it cost to create a speech recognition app and how valuable its features are to a company.

Developing Alexa skills isn't cheap!

Finally, we've reached the most critical part of the article: the cost. The development cost varies according to the time it takes to create the essential functions and the average development rate in the region you want to outsource to. Starting with the most basic type of information literacy: reading and writing. It can give an Alexa user with general information about your company, such as the number of employees, operating hours, and address. Creating these fundamental features takes anything from 8 to 10 hours. If, for instance, you require better language abilities, activated transactions, such as instant ordering, integration into an online store and shipment monitoring, can pile up quickly in terms of development effort. The development time should be between 100 and 120 hours. For the most part, an intelligent speaker's capacity can be grown in less than a month, accumulating to no more than 180 hours. Most Eastern European software development firms charge between $10,000 and $50,000 for their services.

A more advanced smart speaker skill will set you back anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000

(USD). App development costs for voice assistants are substantially lower than for mobile apps or websites, At the same time, it's hard to overestimate how valuable they are. The top eCommerce custom mobile app development company in India can be hired if you want to build an Alexa-like app.

Business Benefits from Voice Application Features

Using software for voice recognition, may aid any business, regardless of industry. The following are some ways owners can benefit from this new technology:

The provision of goods and services to clients

This is a critical application of artificial intelligence in customer service. Using artificial intelligence voice recognition in a call center saves money by reducing the number of customer care agents needed to handle the same volume of calls. One of the first voice recognition apps, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), lets customers use voice commands to get in touch with suitable agents or get help with a problem. Customer-to-agent calls are transcribed to identify recurring patterns and concerns.


Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) have put us through a rigorous interview process to determine whether or not we are a good fit for their product. Voice bots can automate this process.

For security purposes, use voice biometrics

When it comes to verifying identities, speech biometrics are increasingly being used. Instead of requiring users to enter personal information to authenticate themselves, speech recognition can be utilized for voice authentication.

The use of voice biometrics enhances the entire user experience by removing the annoyance that comes with long login processes and misplaced or stolen credentials.

Coming to the development of a voice recognition app from an industry perspective:


Most new cars are equipped with the best voice recognition technologies as standard equipment. These devices are designed to keep drivers from being distracted by their cell phones while they're on the road. Thanks to these technologies, drivers can now make phone calls, select radio stations, and play music with simple voice commands.


Sight is the critical drive for sighted youngsters to explore the world around them, accounting for 80% of their learning. For people who are blind or have impaired vision, speech recognition holds great promise for reducing the disadvantages they experience.

Language learning apps like Duolingo employ speech recognition to gauge how well users pronounce the target language. A useful computer-aided language learning tool is pronunciation evaluation.

Public Relations / Advertising

People who are conversant with the subject matter can produce 3000-4000 words, including articles, speeches, novels, notes, and emails, in 30 minutes or less using dictation software. Even though these tools aren't 100 percent correct, they're helpful when writing initial draughts because they speed up the process.


Medical note-taking: Doctors shouldn't be concerned about taking notes on their patients' symptoms during examinations. Speech recognition technology is used in medical transcription software to record patient diagnosis notes. Doctors may now see more patients in the same amount of time by using this technology, reducing the average consultation length.

Diagnosis: Using a voice analysis programme, machines can diagnose a person's mental state. They can tell whether a patient is sad or suicidal, for example.


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