8 App Ideas For You To Invest in 2022 and Beyond

12th October 2021


App usage has seen a tremendous increase over the years but last year surged app usage in a more real-time scenario. People were using apps for entertainment, leisure and to stay connected but they were also dependent on them for essential services like ordering groceries, booking vaccination slots, getting a doctor’s consultation, etc. Thus, with increased app usage, the market saw tremendous growth, making it the right sector to invest in. Below are a few app ideas that you can invest in in the coming financial quarters.

E-commerce App

Even sceptics have now started exploring online shopping and with the surge of homegrown brands, e-commerce has seen a huge growth spurt. Whether you create your own e-commerce brand or work on an app that is a curation of products & services, an e-commerce mobile app can be a very profitable business in the current market scenario.

Logistics App

Many businesses were forced to rethink the way they function outside of the physical workspace. Whether it was employee information, order management, shipment tracking or inventory management, companies are now willing to invest in apps that make such information accessible and transparent across time & geographical location. And the best way to do so is to make it accessible via a customized mobile app for them.

Virtual Study Room App

Classes moved online in the pandemic and now all students across the globe have experienced and formed some habit of studying while online. But what to do when offline classes start again but they still want to enjoy a virtual study group? A virtual study room! There are many websites that now offer ‘rooms’ where you can ‘study’ while on a video call with your friends or even your favorite celebs while ambient music of your choice plays in the background. A super fun way to keep the mind active while you study and a great app to invest in!

Errand Fulfillment App

Many tasks which seemed easy like picking up laundry or dropping off packages became mammoth tasks in the pandemic. This gave rise to the use of apps like Postmates & Dunzo. These apps assign riders who run errands for you which can include simple pick & drop of goods or even purchase goods from stores of your choice. The convenience of these apps has caught on with the Millenials and is also beneficial for those who may not have the time or health privilege to do these errands themselves.

Think Tank App

While platforms like Kickstarter do exist to fund your startup ideas, there’s no place that can help grow something from the idea stage itself. An app that helps you put the crux of the idea on a platform where potential partners, investors & stakeholders can join you to bring your idea alive can be a great way to help startups grow across the world. Such an app will help startups evolve from a mere idea to a funded entity and become extremely popular in the circles.

SkillShare App

If you need to hire someone for a project or are looking to find jobs for a relevant job role, there are many sites and apps that you can access. But what if you want to connect with people with similar skill sets or hire someone with a very specific set of skills only? How do you find someone like that? An app that lets you list specific skills and connects peers and potential clients based on the skill sets is the answer. Such an app can help with short term projects and make finding and hiring for such skills super easy and effortless.

Carbon Footprint Tracking App

More & more people across the world are becoming conscious about the impact that they have on the world’s pollution level. While many of us are willing to make certain adjustments to our lifestyles to aid in the effort, we aren’t actively aware of how much impact are those efforts actually making. A carbon footprint tracking app can help quantify our current efforts and figure out more ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint overall. This will not only help save the planet by spreading awareness but also something that can be used by businesses on an industrial level to control the environmental impact they have.

Fitness At Home App

Going to the gym isn’t something everybody is always comfortable with. However, working out from the comfort of one’s own home and as per their own schedule is something most people find agreeable. Fitness tracking & building apps help people create a fitness routine keeping their ease of use in mind. Such an app can have pre-recorded exercise videos and schedules along with food diets made available as per the person’s health requirements. Different levels of accesses can be priced at different premiums making the app customized in use for all its users.

There are many new and interesting apps that are there in the market but few are brilliant enough to stand apart. With the right kind of research & end-to-end solution experts like Valere in place, your customized mobile app will not only be great in user experience but also the latest in terms of technology & ideas used. You can get an estimate of the kind of budget you might need with our App Development Cost Calculator to get started on your app now.


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