60 Days To Grow Your Business With These Trending Technologies

13th September 2021


Whether you are someone from a tech background or not, the advantage that application of trending tech can bring to your startup is undeniable. These trending technologies can scale up your business and help it grow in less that sixty days by their revolutionizing advantages. These are top tech trends for you to look out for in 2021:

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the current top tech that can be a gamechanger for your startup. It works by analysing data, identifying patterns, speech recognition to replicate complex tasks done by human intelligence. Specific AI programs are created for specific tasks using a combination of various functions. The end goal of AI tasks can range from simple trend forecasting done by data analysis to heavy complex tasks like medical diagnosis to even navigating driverless cars. Applications or web services that use navigation like Uber, or ones that use algorith to predict content consumption on streaming services, IoT devices like smart home devices, etc all employ AI.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality has quickly become a trending tech that’s not only accessible but also immersive and enjoyable for the masses. With the world going online and virtually available in 2020, more and more people realize the beautiful experiences that it can bring to the tip of your fingers. While many museum and tourist attractions already had virtual reality tours available, more and more tech startups are adapting this top tech. If your business deals with spaces or experiences, then VR is the way to grow your startup. For example, a furniture selling company can help you envision the size and look of their pieces in your house by using VR via your phone’s camera. This will enable smarter and faster conversions and a seamless customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Similar to AI but created to work on repetitive tasks, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that helps grow your startup or even an established business by streamlining processes. RPA is used to automate repetitive tasks that entirely or partially can be done without human intervention. A common example of this would be automated emails that we receive post every transaction or purchase. RPAs enable companies to save money and time that would otherwise be taken up by human resources to do these tasks. This was they can allocate the saved up resources elsewhere that help them grow.

Cloud Computing

This top tech trend is one that can help you grow your startup or even catapult it to success. But exactly is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a cloud-based hosting service versus localized servers where you not only get your data available on the cloud but are also offered additional important services like web security, necessary encryption, SaaS, PaaS, etc. This reduces a lot of work that might be additionally undertaken by your website or app development team otherwise. The tech giants offer their services under this segment with the most popular being Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

When we refer to the Internet of Things or IoT, the most common tech ecosystem that strikes us is that of a smart home. Regular devices and appliances are now made smarter with sensors that enable them to be voice or remotely activated via mobile apps. While this is the most consumer-friendly version of what IoT is, the entirety of it is so vast that it includes complex research like medicine and space. The potential of IoT is that concept can be applied to make computing much faster, seamless & efficient. In summary, this helps machines communicate better with each other without the need for human interference. Including IoT to your service or developing a mobile app based on IoT can be an extremely profitable idea if it solves the right problem with the right solutions.

Machine Learning

Machine learning helps automate tasks such as data mining, analytics and identifying patterns in a data set. Machine learning helps you give a better UX which in turn helps grow your business. How? With AI in place, you can collect data from the users about their app usage etc. Then the data is analyzed and automated robotic systems can alter the way the app is made available to the users for a better experience suited to them.


This trending top tech is essentially a tamper-proof way of recording a chain of transactions. Every individual transaction is one ‘block’ with the information of the parties involved and the timestamp of the transaction embedded in it. As more transactions occur, multiple blocks come together to form Blockchains. These blocks of data cannot be erased or edited, making them super secure. There’s no need to employ third-party vendors to secure or verify this data making it much more secure & accessible.

Data Science

Data science is how the chaos of big data can be streamlined into segments and categories to make sense out of them. Data alone can tell us nothing until it is analyzed and analysis is impossible without data sorting. This is where data scientists come in to bring order to the chaos of big data.

The process of app development process is a lengthy one. Even beyond the initial development, market competition demands that we stay ahead of the curve. The best way to do so is to integrate these trending technologies to ensure that your app is a success. With an expert like Valere on board and our App Development Cost Calculator, you can start building the mobile app of your dreams!


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