4 Reasons Why IoT is Driving the Future of Mobile Apps

20th September 2021


The last 18 months of living in a dreadful pandemic have only brought us closer virtually. Remote interconnectedness has spiked like never before owing to the gaping need of the hour. IoT is giving birth to Industry 4.0, and it’s happening right now.

The future hereon has its fundamentals established in the Internet of Things and it looks very bright to us. On the same lines, mobile apps, one of the main pillars of a modern man’s life are adapting their way into the future. IoT-enabled mobile apps are increasingly popularized across the globe for various audiences – from homeowners to business leaders.

Statistics suggest that there will be almost 25.44 billion connected devices by the year of 2030. With stakes as high as this, it’s only recommendable for entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the game in understanding how IoT is the future of mobile network.

Redefining How We Look at Custom Mobile Apps

IoT certainly has the ability to make mobile apps more interactive and intuitive than ever. It can enable advanced functionality of hyper-customization and personalization for users.

Customization also comes as a boon to enterprise mobile apps as it can help develop feature-rich experiences for all as app developers can cater to the requirements of connected gadgets once they have apps for the entire business.

Customization also comes as a boon to enterprise mobile apps as it can help develop feature-rich experiences for all as app developers can cater to the requirements of connected gadgets once they have apps for the entire business.

Connectivity – Above and Beyond

Connectivity is not just a trend, it is the best bet of experts when we talk about the future of IoT. Say goodbye to the days when we connected devices through Bluetooth, WiFi, or mobile internet. Developers are looking for ways to hook their products to the Internet of Things on their own.

For this, apps need integration with a gateway. Many products come with their separate SIM card slots which can be accessed by the user, so that they never lose control of the device, even when the power goes down or the network cuts out.

This is still a challenging path with a lot of unanswered questions, but it’s certainly the color of future.

Fast-paced Niche Building

This is one of the main reasons why IoT is gaining so much traction from experts and is being seen as the one thing that could revolutionize industrial workflows forever. The Internet of Things helps businesses dig deeper and build more expertise in their respective industries.

Mobile network along with connected physical gadgets can change the horizons of everything – right from banking and finances, to entertainment and even agriculture and farm management. IoT can personalize operator and user experience right down to the fundamentals, and that’s one of its greatest strengths.

The challenge here is for mobile app developers, for them to learn to move their focus from apps’ functions to devices’ functions in order to create experiences that connect physical and digital worlds in a seamless way.

Seamless Integration with Other Aspects of Business

The Internet of Things is being welcomed by businesses and entrepreneurs at a very fast rate compared to any other novel technology. Why? Mainly because it is so easy and seamless to integrate with other aspects of business.

It’s cost-efficient and reduces the expenses involved in building mobile apps with complex functionality and varied elements. It reduces human effort as well as human error across platforms and processes. It can be used to manage remote labor and equipment with ease.

IoT also enhances the security of devices in an ecosystem, contrary to the popular belief. There are several connection protocols involved for the operating systems in an IoT environment. To prevent ant unnecessary backlogs, the IoT-enabled app is made to go through hardware encryption. App code and other data is kept safe and leak-proof.

These are just a few examples of how IoT becomes an integral member of your business processes, but if you really want to dig deep, you can talk to our IoT experts who’ll bring you up to speed on the many ways it can help accelerate your growth.

Final Word

Moore’s Law, i.e., the principle that suggests that the speed and capability of computers is supposed to be doubled in a span of every two years – it is here to stay. Internet of Things is one of the greatest examples of the same.

IoT tied up with mobile network could create some of the greatest marvels of the tech world ever. We’re in awe of some of the already existing IoT-enabled custom mobile apps, and eager to know how the research in the same direction pans out as we move on to the post-pandemic world.


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