10 Great Features That Will Make Your Online Food Delivery App A Success!

16th November 2021


Easy Sign Up & Login

The onboarding process should be smooth and easy. At no point while joining an app should anyone feel dissuaded from the process so minimum distractions and easy to understand design should be given prime importance.

Push Notifications

Eye-catching push notifications can be a gamechanger. They not only act as a great tool for brand recall and conversions but also help to establish a brand’s personality & connect with the app’s users. Fun pun-intended notifications can feel less pushy about sales and make the audience more likely to tap on it. A serious-sounding notification by a posh brand can make the audience sit up and take notice too. So largely it depends on the brand and its target audience, but either way, it’s a great marketing & sales tool.

Loyalty Programs and Discount Deals

Food is something that there is no purchase limit to. You can’t have too many of the same dish or too many things from the same restaurant. This means that the same user can place multiple orders within the same day. What’s the best way to encourage this behavior? It is by gamifying the purchases and giving positive reinforcements like loyalty points or discount deals. The best way to give a consistent assurance of such deals is by offering an exclusive loyalty program.

Real-Time Order Tracking

The future of a shaky Domino's changed forever when they rolled out a tracker that let its customers follow the progress of their pizza orders back in 2008. As technology has advanced, order updates are now not only limited to checkpoint milestones but also to real-time tracking. It’s a very reassuring & convenient experience to see how far the delivery personnel has progressed without the need for constant calling or uncertainty. A great and very necessary UX addition for any delivery app, especially food.

Geofencing For Order Updates

Geofencing uses RFID or GPS technology to demarcate a virtual geographical area and it triggers an automatic response every time the area is accessed or left. For example, when the delivery person leaves the area of the restaurant, the customer gets a notification saying “Your order is on its way!”. Similarly, when the person enters the area demarcated for the delivery, the user gets an automated update, “Your order has almost reached you!”. This ensures more timely & accurate updates for a smooth user experience.

Easy Payment Options

Payment options shouldn’t be limited to cash or card in today’s day and age. Ranging from digital wallets to even pay later options, the payment method is one thing that can be a deal breaker so make it as easy as possible. There should be no break in the purchase process whether at the payment details tab or at checkout. Ensure secure & smooth functioning and conversions will stay up.

Personalized Experience

Mobile apps give you the chance to give a fully customized experience to your users based on their demographic markers, location, order preferences, etc. This ensures that only relevant choices are shown to them using AI-driven algorithms which will further increase the chances of conversion and increase their brand loyalty.

AI-Enabled Chatbots For Support

AI can be integrated into the app for not only order suggestions but also for quick and smooth customer grievance resolutions. Regular grievances like order updates, non-delivery of food, incorrect orders received, etc can be easily resolved by an AI chatbot and if necessary the user can have the option to raise it to a customer service representative.

Contactless Drop-Offs

Geofencing, push notifications, etc combined enable seamless contactless drop-offs of delivery. Geofencing gives automated real-time order updates and push notification ensures that you’re aware of when your order is arriving and when it’s ready to be picked up. No need for calls, ringing doorbells or meeting the customer for a drop-off making this an extremely useful feature especially in a post-pandemic world.

Reviews & Ratings

Like any other multi-vendor app, a food delivery app is also one that has many sellers available. Thus, reviews and ratings are a major way of giving quality assurance and quality control in the hands of the customers by allowing them to leave images and ratings & reviews for their orders.

A good online food delivery app will put the needs of its customers first and these features will ensure that their experience is great. Beyond this, with the right kind of tech expert in place, like Valere, you can always innovate your own unique features that will make your app stand apart from the competition. To get an estimate on the budget for your app, you can check out our App Development Cost Calculator.


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