Valere was started to build a better software agency. 100+ projects later we’ve proven it

Valere was started by Guy Pistone after his journey building his consumer startup Fitivity, which went through the gauntlet of raising venture capital, all the way to getting acquired. This journey opened his eyes to how challenging it was to build good software and find good engineering talent. Valere build custom mobile and web applications, having served clients in sectors such as telecommunications, fintech, healthcare, sports, ecommerce, edtech, etc. Valere’s work has been featured I in App Stores and has won the Top 100 agency Award in 2022.

We Help Scale Startups & Enterprises
Valere by the Numbers

15 + Team Members
100 + Accomplished Projects
10 + Served Countries
8 + Average years of experience
1000 + 5-Star App Reviews
12000000 + Downloads Generated

How we work


Fixed-bid Projects

Work with a Discovery Lead and Project Manager to go through a detailed Discovery Phase, fleshing out the UX to ultimately create a Statement of Work (SOW) to determine the exact project cost and timeline. After the Discovery Phase, we move onto the UI Phase, helping you produce beautiful UI wireframes. The last phase is the Build Phase in which we breakout the SOW into milestones and start writing code.



Some projects require engineers to follow a more agile methodology, were the SOW and weekly sprints can change quickly. Retainer’s are great for these types of projects – as the developer(s) are contracted to work exclusively full time on the project.


Staff Augmentation

We work with companies to augment their current engineering team. In this model, we supply many developers to integrate into their team or work on isolated projects.

How Valere Labs Started

While receiving his MBA and playing professional basketball in 2014, Guy Pistone was inspired by the power of mobile apps and the impact it could have in the sports training space. This prompted him to begin his journey building the mobile app brand Fitivity, a collection of content-centric apps for athletes. Fitivity was VC backed and used by tens of millions of users worldwide.

Since his days at Fitivity, Guy has continued his journey in technology by advising entrepreneurs and founders on how to build and scale beautiful and intuitive web and mobile companies. He has helped many start-ups and small businesses in areas such as software development, marketing, and private equity fundraising. In 2019, he saw a major opportunity to help U.S. startups build high quality web and mobile apps at significantly more affordable rates, and so, in 2019, he founded Valere Labs with his close circle of developers.

Guy was able to quickly differentiate himself from other software agencies through reputation, and positioning Valere Labs as the go-to source for companies to build software more economically. Guy personally designs all projects and manages all engineers at Valere Labs.

Guy also is the founder of Elete, a computer vision and Machine Learning company that builds sports skill games for athletes to compete just using their phones camera. Guy lives in Massachusetts with his wife, son, and two crazy dogs.

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